Did Ancient Rishis Kill Animals For Their Skin?

by Pulkit Mathur, The Spiritual Bee

Whenever we read any Amar Chitra Katha comic or other stories about ancient India, we often come across pictures where the rishis are shown meditating while seated on the skins of animals. So does this imply that the nature loving ancient sages of India, actually killed wild animals? In this video we take a look at the answer.

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  • ramarau

    Why does hindus use milk for prayers (abishegam) ? Is it appropriate to use milk when we consider milk as animal products ?

    • Milk of cow has very special properties. When an idol of God is made by a sculptor sometimes this person may have entertained impure thoughts. So to make the idol pure for “prana prathistha” (where a part of the consciousness of God, comes to reside in the idol) it is cleansed with milk. This is usually done for new idol installation.

      But now a days too much milk is poured and wasted in temples of Lord Shiva for everyday worship. This should absolutely be stopped. A small teaspoon of milk in a glass of water is sufficient for daily rituals relating to Lord Shiva.

  • Jayaseelan

    Why Tiger or Lion or Deer Skin used than other Animal’s Skin??

  • manoj chetri

    what is pranic(kundalini)energy?

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