VIDEO – Why Hinduism Champions Vegetarianism as an Aid to Samadhi

by Pulkit Mathur, The Spiritual Bee

A rajasthani painting of a woman kneeling before a meditating sage, circa 1725-1750. (Courtesy LACMA.)

“When the mind’s activities are perfectly at rest the Atman (soul) manifests itself.” – Swami Vivekananda

One of the defining features of India that sets it apart from all other nations of the world, is that for thousands of years, a large majority of its people have been vegetarian.

But why was this so?

In this video we examine 2 extraordinary spiritual reasons why the Hindu system of Yoga lays so much emphasis on having a pure vegetarian diet.

Additionally the video also details why the Rishis of India have advocated a pure vegetarian or “sattvic diet” as being a crucial factor in the attainment of God-realization or Samadhi.

While watching the video please note that the following terms are synonymous, they all mean the same thing:

Samadhi = God Realization = Self-Realization = Soul Realization.

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  • dnv sireesha

    very very good video..
    but i have a doubt.. just like animals plants also have life. den why it is not wrong to eat plants … i mean veg (leafy vegetables etc..). can u please let me know..

    • Life in plants is of a much much lower form. Still we in india are taught even to not hurt plants unnecessarily. Animals have much greater self-awareness, ability to feel pain and trauma, they also have high emotions of love and gratitude and hurting them should be avoided.

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