Launching the WhatsApp Broadcast!

by Pulkit Mathur, The Spiritual Bee


I would like to announce the start of a new venture – The Spiritual Bee WhatsApp Broadcast List. On this list I shall be sharing inspiring thoughts from the Rishis of Vedanta. In addition I shall be sharing links to books, videos and articles.

So I invite you to join this WhatsApp Broadcast List to not only utilize the teachings of Vedanta for your own spiritual upliftment, but simultaneously also to become an instrument in the hands of the Divine, by sharing these life-giving teachings of Vedanta with your friends and family.

In fact this work of spreading the teachings of Vedanta, is the highest Karma, the highest service, the highest “seva” one can perform not only for humanity but also for our Rishis. As Swami Vivekananda has emphasized:

“The highest of gifts is the giving of spiritual knowledge, the next is the giving of secular knowledge, and the next is the saving of life. The last is giving food and drink. He who gives spiritual knowledge saves the soul from many and many a birth. He who gives secular knowledge opens the eyes of human beings towards that spiritual knowledge, and below these come all other gifts, even the saving of life here. Therefore it is necessary that you must learn this, and note that all the other works are of much less value than this work. The highest and greatest help is that given in the dissemination of spiritual knowledge.”

So help me disseminate these teachings of Vedanta by joining the Spiritual Bee WhatsApp broadcast and forwarding the teachings of these Rishis as widely as possible to your friends and family.
Your sister and fellow sadhak,

  • Maujhuri Chakraborty

    Thank You for your great work. Trying to spread this

  • Ravindranath

    Great idea, thank u

  • prakx

    Great idea but I am unable to find the group in Whatsapp even after refreshing the contacts multiple times.

  • Ritesh Taunk

    Thank You so much.

  • Rajat Jain

    Great initiative!

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