Does God Actually “EAT” the Food Offered? – Significance of Prasad

by Pulkit Mathur, The Spiritual Bee

A Painting of Lord Krishna by Raja Ravi Varma courtesy the British Museum.

“There is only one religion on the surface of this earth. That one religion is the religion of love.”
– Swami Sivananda

“Does God actually eat the food offered?”

This is a most interesting question, because in every temple in India, it is customary to make a small offering of sweets or other food, as a mark of our devotion and gratefulness towards whichever God or Goddess we are worshiping.

Once the Lord has “partaken” from the offering, the remaining food is considered sacred and blessed, and is thereafter consumed by the devotees as “prasad”.

So an enquiring mind naturally asks: “Does God actually bless and eat the food offered? If such things genuinely happen, then how does God do it, because the idol in the temple itself cannot move?”

The above questions carry with them the most amazing answers, provided for us, by two God realized teachers of Vedanta Philosophy, Swami Vivekananda and Swami Sivananda of the Divine Life Society. Their profound responses have been outlined in detail, in the video below.

As you watch the video, do remember that although the answers revealed here, are for the Hindu manner of worship, they are nevertheless equally applicable, for the worships performed in other religions, such as the offering of prashad by Sikhs in their Gurdwaras, or the prayer of grace said before a meal in Christianity.

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  • Sahib Singh

    Information here is incomplete i would say…the vision of.shri yukteshwar to yogananda was not a actual projection of his guru..yogananda was Not enlightened at that time..he became later..when one realizes god all the visions and experiences comes to realize that all the projections and visions are due to some supreme mind power working there..what i am saying is exactly in accordance with the teachings of ramana maharshi..there was a saint named baba faqir chand who explained everything about visions,supernatural things and visions of gods in detail.baba faqir chand was also a guru friend of ramana maharshi

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