Reincarnation | The 1 “Thing” that Accompanies the Soul After Death (VIDEO)

by Pulkit Mathur, The Spiritual Bee

An 1820 painting of Yama, the Lord of Death, seated on a Buffalo - From The British Museum Collection

“Every soul is a circle whose circumference is nowhere, but whose centre is located in the body, and death means the change of this centre from body to body.”
– Swami Vivekananda

We are all familiar with the saying – “Empty handed we are born into this world, and empty handed we shall return.” The process of life and death is such that we cannot take even a grain of sand out of this world, when we depart.

However, while we cannot take our cherished possessions with us, nevertheless there is 1 highly critical, yet deeply overlooked “thing”, which we do take with us when we die!

What is this extraordinary “thing” that journeys with our soul after death? In the video below we take a look at the incredible answer that has been offered by the great Rishis of Vedanta. Their profound revelation also sheds light on:

1. The process of death i.e. what happens when we die; and

2. Solves a big puzzle of reincarnation, namely – how is it possible for people to remember their past lives, when their soul has left the brain behind at each prior death.


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  • Murthy K V M

    Excellent video! Explains the mechanics as told by the rishis in a succinct manner!

  • Kittu

    Wow! All explained in 6 minutes, and for sure! Once you believe in the soul theory, some how you have to explain the process. According to the consilience, there is no soul. Our thoughts, intelligence, emotions all are the brain’s work, which in turn controlled by the DNA! The soul theory was invented by seekers, as they didn’t know much about human body let alone DNA. You can manipulate the mind/brain by drugs, hypnosis. Any damage to any part of the brain damages that particular thoughts associated with it. You are placing the soul in the brain now, bcz we starting to know a little bit about brain. Till then, the abode of the soul was obscure! Man cannot simply think, he is just pysical, and cannot accept death ending in nothingness, he has created the soul theory. Awareness age, invented the religion and religion invented Soul. All religions talk about soul but in different way. It is all exploitation of the ignorance.

  • Naren Raichura

    Sri Aurobindo talks of the Psychic Being -caitya purusa- which carries the experiences from life to life and not the Mind. Kindly explain.

    • bob bill

      RIGHT QN!! What is there to explain? WHAT IS CARRIED< WHO/WHAT CARRIES? & to WHERE & WHOM TO is carried. WHO, WHY, WHERE, TO WHOM is the QN!!!

  • Utpal Chatterjee

    I am deeply thankful to you for such wonderful informative and knowledge.I shall be happy to receive every and talk in mp3 format.
    Thanks & regards.
    utpal chatterjee

    • bob bill

      ARE YOU INSECURE? CREATE A FEAR & you have created the a moron!!

  • mansukh

    Why is there the creation of this cosmic manifestation. Why God does not give Moksha to all at a time?

    • bob bill

      If the purpose of GOD (IF IT IS EXISTING), is known, the jig-saw puzzle falls into position. FOR HUMANS “ORIGIN OF LIFE & UNIVERSE IS IS STILL A MYSTERY!! OUR knowledge of mystery & miracles is sparce SCIENTISTS WILL SOLVE IT, today, tomorrow or day after tomorrow!!!

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