3 Crucial Reasons Why Spiritual Experiences Must Be Kept Secret (VIDEO)

by Pulkit Mathur, The Spiritual Bee

The goal of Vedantic spirituality is to lead us to experience the ultimate reality of who we really are – that we are neither the body and nor are we the mind. Instead we are the Atman, the Soul – pure, infinite and eternal, which is an indivisible part of the ocean of consciousness known as Brahman or God – the Absolute.

This pinnacle moment when the soul experiences its true nature and experiences its unbreakable unity with Brahman, is known as Self-realization, or God-realization, or Samadhi in Vedanta. Reaching it is the ultimate aim of all yogic practices.

Now as a sadhak (spiritual aspirant) begins to make progress along this road to God-realization, he or she naturally starts to have certain spiritual experiences – either through dreams, or during meditation or as flashes of inspiration. Upon having these preliminary experiences many aspirants become so excited that they start to share them willy-nilly with people around.

However, as we shall see in the enclosed video, there are three very sound reasons why this should not be done. In addition this video also details an incident that occurred in the life of Swami Brahmananda (direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna), that highlights the ego-driven hurdles that can occur on the road to Samadhi.

While watching the enclosed video please note that the following terms all mean the same:
Samadhi = God-Realization = Self-Realization = Soul-Realization.

Articles and Books Referenced in This Video

  1. Eternal Companion – Life and Teachings of Swami Brahmananda
  2. Vedanta and Privilege: Talk by Swami Vivekananda, Complete Works, Volume 1

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  • Mukesh Kumar

    True advise for sadhak not to indulge in early divine experience and deviate from the supreme goal of god realisation .
    Pulkit you are superb . God bless you.

  • rupalideshkari@rediffmail.com

    very nice explanation…i liked it very much..its really great work to share this knowledge in today’s world…thanks

  • Lakshmi

    Thanks for your nice explanation Didi 🙂 I heard from my father that spiritual experiences are not meant to be shared but did not get an explanation. I am really happy to know the reasons after many years

  • Vijaya Prashanth

    Nice video. Very well explained. Thanks Pulkit.

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